The leader learner in us all…

Legacy of generosity and spirit of giving.

There is always times that we need to take time to reflect and honour our past. This months Marsden Times is dedicated to the honour of Mrs Anne Buckley who left us a wonderful legacy of generosity and a true spirit of giving. May you rest in peace.  We will miss you dearly. The teachers and students of Marsden High.

The leader learner in us all…

Marsden High school continues to break new grounds and be a leader in many  areas and the last month has been no exception. Having the capacity to give everyone of our students the opportunity to fulful their potential is embedded in every program we run. Whether it is the sporting arena, the classroom or the community, we are a school of community leaders.

Leadership and learning are indispensible to each other. JF Kennedy 1963

Congratulations to all students who have successfully completed their half yearly exams. Each student should congratulate themselves on their efforts and we look forward to publishing your results on your reports in the upcoming weeks. Parents will receive student reports at the end of the term and the first weeks back in term 3. Students should continue to work consistently in class as assessment of progress is undertaken in the form of class and home assignments throughout the year.

Leading Sports people


This month on the sporting field has been outstanding. Congratulations to all our athletes. In particular,  our amazing Rugby Union NSW State team selections, not only did we get a selection, we have 2 representing Marsden High, John and Manasa. Fantastic effort. At the Athletics carnival last week we had 4 records broken, one record had stood for 40 years. This is exceptional. Year 11 student Madison  broke 2 records ( 100 and 200 m sprint) and for those who witnessed Madison run her races they were overwhelmed by the athleticism and finesse in which she sprinted the track. We will hearing more about Madison in the upcoming weeks. Congratulations Madison. The other new record holders Abdullah broke the 40 year record in shot put and Nathan in the 200 meters and Sam  also broke a record. Well done to these athletes and all the other students who participated with fine spirit and sportsmanship throughout the athletics day. We have a large team of Athletes heading off to Zone.

Sean in year 12 has continued to be leading sportsman. On the 24th June, Sean is being presented with the 2011 Pierre de Coubertin Award on behalf to the Australian Olympic committee. This award is given to students who represent the state at more than one sport. Sean has excelled in athletics and rowing. As part of the award Sean will participate in the Awards academy which is a day of learning about the Olympic movement and virtues of Olympism including a preview of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.  Congratulations Sean.

Leadership is displayed daily by our students and staff. Ms Sheryn Symons, as you all know is our outstanding Careers Advisor and Head Teacher of Teaching and Learning. In recognition of the wonderful work Ms.Symons does with our students, she has been given the opportunity to work with the North Sydney region, leading pilot programs and mentoring schools to implement the initiative ‘the school leaving age’ programs. Her leadership, knowledge and experiences working with students to broaden their educational opportunities has been not gone unnoticed. We look forward to the hearing about her successes.

Last week Marsden High was the host for the Australian wide launch by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) of their Netbasics educational resource for teenages as part of National Cyber Security Awareness Week. Daniel Muchow from ACMA was overwhelming grateful and appreciative of our involvement… “Everybody was so impressed with the professionalism of your staff and the enthusiasm of your (very polite) students. They are real credit to the school and your efforts.”  All students and parents are encouraged to check out the netbasics activities. http://www.cybersmart.gov.au/netbasics.aspx



“Today is the right time to do the right thing”.


This is pertinent to 2 students who were overwhelmingly charitable to one of our casual teachers who is in a wheel chair. George and Mouhammed, without being asked helped the teacher to her car, assisted her to get into her car and carried all her learning materials. Congratulations boys for doing the right thing and helping others.

Flying high with year 11 on camp.

I was privileged enough to visit the year 11 Crossroads camp last week. The students were unbelievable and the supporting staff were also incredible. Students participated in workshops where they were involved in such things, from strategic thinking, high ropes activities, leadership development, mentoring and creative performances. The students left the camp 10 foot taller, congratulations year 11.

Netbooks (Laptops) tools for learning.

All students are to bring their netbooks to school everyday. Teachers are utilizing the netbooks in class on a daily basis. Students who repeatedly do not brign their netbooks to school will expect consequences. If your netbook needs repairs, please take to the TSO immediately. Not having your learning tool hinders your overall learning progress.

The year 11 netbooks will be having an upgrade in August. It is absolutely vital this is undertaken. Students who leave their netbook at home and miss the upgrade are jeopardizing their ability to undertake HSC subjects.

If you have concerns about your child?

Parents are encouraged to approach the school through correct channels if you have any concerns about your childs progress. A subject concern, should be directed to the Head Teacher of that subject. Child well-being concerns should be directed to the Head Teacher Welfare Mr. Broadfield and if you need to speak with the Deputies or Principal, please make an appointment through the front office. Your child’s educational progress is our business and we look forward to an ongoing partnership in their success.

Writing is our Focus.

The staff are endeavouring to focus on students improving writing and literacy. Ms. Hanna has started a creative writing group and this will form the basis of links with our local primary schools through the Marsden Learning Alliance. We look forward to reading their creative stories.

HSC Workshops in the holidays

Finally, our HSC students are working hard toward their HSC. A number of our dedicated teachers are operating holiday workshops in preparation for the Trial HSC which starts week 3 next term. Thanks goes to these dedicated teachers who are giving so generously of their time. This initiative supports the excellent work done by the Macquarie University Tutoring program being operated on Tuesday afternoons. Mr.Tari ( while Ms.Symons is at regional office) is the teacher in charge of this program. Thanks Mr. Tari.


Our Great Artists

Congratulations to Ania for her fantastic win of the mosman art prize. Ania is an outstanding young artist who has created a beautiful range of  winning artworks.

Have a great term and a safe holiday.

Ms Lofts


Marsden High School.

Principal of a fantastic secondary public school where our young people enliven their dreams through a growth mindset to fulfil their potential. Focussed on leadership that makes a difference in my school.

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