To begin…Leading Learner

Setting the Scene as the leading Learner. Day 1 talk to staff as a first time Principal.

Welcome back to a the year of 2011. The year of the Flood. I extend my heartfelt wishes to all staff and their families who may have been effected by the tragic scenes in early January. Thank you to all those who, I know have in some small way have given assistance to those that have been in dark times due to devastation of the swelling waters.

What is memorable for me, is the way in which, no matter how small, people helped to make a difference to those who were worst hit by the event. As a collective, everyone’s  small part added to the  huge, overwhelming positive difference.

With this I welcome all back, to be part of making a overwhelming positive difference, no matter how small the part you play…we are powerful together.

The Principal is the “Leading Learner”….

There will  be no time in my career, that my role as a learner will ever be as significant as it is today. I will need all  of you, as my colleagues to work as a team to ‘honour the past and own the future’.

I am a learner, as you are. And what will we do is….keep it simple.

I picked up a book off the floor of my 18 year old son, just finished his HSC, got into the course he wanted and leaves for Uni on Tuesday.. the book… “Don’t die with the Music in you” by Wayne Bennett these holidays…

“The main thing is to make the main thing the main thing”.

and the victory is beating yourself..

If its good for student learning… then its worth pursuing.

Marsden has been given a map.. 17 recommendations…..our plan

.. the biggest room in the house…’room for improvement’.  There will be no shortcuts..

And sometimes we may get it wrong, but a lot of the time we will get it right.

Thinking about Ploughing dosen’t get the job done..

We shall …begin.

Last word.. for today anyway..


“Learning for Life”

‘The Greatest Challenge is getting the best out of ourselves everytime’

The KEY.. Quality Teaching Framework.. ..

Quality Learning Environment,  Intellectual Quality & Significance

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