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Principal of a fantastic secondary public school where our young people enliven their dreams through a growth mindset to fulfil their potential. Focussed on leadership that makes a difference in my school.
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Not perfect…and that is ok

I never considered myself to be someone who stumbles on moving forward. I see myself as generally focused, driven, confident and committed thinker. However when it comes to publishing my opinion and collecting my thoughts in preparation for my research proposal (Punch 2016) I am almost frozen with fear and my mind is a bowl of spaghetti. To believe I can and will put the words together to gain Confirmation of my research feels at this point, oceans away. In the next three days, I have to consolidate my ideas, reflections and formulate a reasoned and logically organised draft proposal.

Authentic Thoughts on Leadership Life View Principalship Ulladulla High School World Class Global Learners

Respect, determination and just being good humans.

To the class of 2019. I have witnessed you evolve into incredible young people. High School is a challenge, no doubt about that. It seems that navigating a pathway where you are true to yourself takes great courage and determination. You are here, now ready to move successfully into the world, while it may not feel like it. You are soooooo ready.

Authentic Thoughts on Leadership Deeper Learning Principalship

“Education is about human agency for all” Jelmer Evers

When teachers and school leaders, believe that what we do influences change, and together we can change the trajectory of each and every student this is powerful. (I mean every student, no matter their background, ability, heritage, socio-economic, educational disadvantage or gender, no excuses). This is pivotal to our success as an education state and nation. Speech 4/52 .. of 52 weeks of principals speeches.