Celebrating Student Leadership

Celebrating excellence and success is always a very important thing in our society, yet we often put it by the way side…

Today I very excited about being here to celebrate our student leaders… who are your leaders in the school.

What makes them leaders in the school…what do they do that is special…talent, hard workers, ability to listen, friendly …I could go on

Quote from female  world surfing champion ….Success comes from perseverence and dedication.. not just raw talent alone.

What makes a spectacularly good student leader.. often they show a skills and understanding with an ability to overcome adversity.

What can we take from this..

Sometimes we think we will never achieve the things we want.. however these might be some of the things that puts you up as leader..

A student leader is someone..

1. Lift people up..

2. Dont worry about getting the credit

3. Come part of the solution not the problem

4. Take you health to .. superfit

5. Study for an hour a day. Double your learning and you’ll triple your success.

6.  Do something small by scary every day.

7. Focus on other students strengths

8. SMILE  more  and LISTEN more.

9.Remember unused potential is painful.. always express your best.

10. Do work that matters.

Lastly, remember to always say please and thank you…

Theme of the sea…You may or might not know.. I do a sport called surf boat rowing.. a sport that involves 4 rowers and 1 steerer.. we  go out through the waves , often big waves and turn a bouy and ride the waves back to shore… lately I have been been struggling with jumping in the boat.. pretty terrible.. so this morning.. .. i arrived with a different mindset. It was my mind that was different.. . we started in shallow water, jump..a bit deeper.. jump… a bit deeper… jump…. i had jumped better than I had ever done.. I had set my mind to improvement.. little by little. The analogy.. we want to lift a large rock.. we must first start with a small one… then slightly bigger.. slightly bigger until eventually we build up to the big rock!

We can move mountains, small steps at at time….. always remember..

It is not the wind that determines our journey, but how we position the sails…

Principal of a fantastic secondary public school where our young people enliven their dreams through a growth mindset to fulfil their potential. Focussed on leadership that makes a difference in my school.

1 comment on “Celebrating Student Leadership

  1. Aparna Thadani

    I loved the last comment most – it is how we position our sails. Very inspirational.

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