Global Journey and World Class Learners

Today I begin my research study tour.

The question? So much promise in a question, that element of surprise, so many possibilities, so many unknown ideas… Research for me will be discovering

Focus of the research study

The focus will investigate what “Principals and school leaders” do (skills and professional practices), that build students who are 21st century global learners. What affect could this have on school improvement, if any, for the NSW Public school context?

First stop LA, visiting UCLA, CalTech University and interviewing Principals about what they do.

Educational Vision
· Use of Champions and Mentoring systems.
· Resource management
· Professional Experience, Educational and professional Leadership
· Personal Qualities
· Use of technology and expertise in the personal use of learning devices and technologies for learning. Personal use of emerging technologies in leadership and the use of social media and social networking such as Facebook, twitter etc.
· Curriculum
· System reform and support for 21st century learners
· Focus on Pedagogy and Quality teaching.
· Leadership practices and skills for change

Keep you posted!


Principal of a fantastic secondary public school where our young people enliven their dreams through a growth mindset to fulfil their potential. Focussed on leadership that makes a difference in my school.

4 comments on “Global Journey and World Class Learners

  1. All the best on your travels. Have fun!

    • deniselofts

      Hi Sue and Greg,
      Hope you are well and all is going great. We are in Oregon. And it is BRRRRRR. Off to Portland tomorrow, to visit more schools. Safe travels.

  2. We are looking forward to meeting you Denise at Oxford Community Schools, in Oxford, Michigan. We are very pleased to become a sister school with Marsden High School. At Oxford Community Schools, “The Global is Our Campus.”

  3. Rod Austin

    Enjoy your travels Denise, take care.

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