X Center and UCLA a place of Innovation and Social Equity

Home of the Internet. UCLA was the place of the first transmitted letters 1968, L . O. where the internet was born. This was the beginning of world wide collaboration and connectivity which has astronomically changed the way we view our world. I visited the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies and the X Center who provided an insight into leadership professional learning projects and literacy instructional leadership.  Thanks to the Professors who shared their visions about; building great learning communities, the acquisition of resources that reflects equity, in particular the access to technology as a learning tool across all educational platforms. The challenges: connecting authentic significant learning experiences to a students world within the confines of our institutions rules and regulations.

My quotes and words of gathered thoughts.

We must listen for the sound bites of wisdom, they are everywhere.

Character + competency = Trust

Principalship = A tremendous exhilaration of excitement with an immeasurable tremendous sense of responsibility.

Thank you to my dear friend and sister Tiki, for sharing your wisdom and passion with me! Image





Principal of a fantastic secondary public school where our young people enliven their dreams through a growth mindset to fulfil their potential. Focussed on leadership that makes a difference in my school.

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    Hi Denise, can you contact me asap for a story in next week’s Ulladulla Times. thanks Katrina Condie 4455 1244 or 0438 564 514.

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