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“You have gotta know about the world, if you want to change it”

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If you take any hundred or so books on change, the message all boils down to one word: motivation. If one’s theory of action does not motivate people to put in the effort– individually and collectively– that is necessary to get results, improvement is not possible (Fullan 2006).

Captains Great

Tomorrow, along with my colleague Micheal Ramsden, we will be presenting our school journey of change to building world class school who have students who are global learners.

The Presentation will be the representation of an authentic school journey that translates into a “strategic direction and a strategic purpose” which has the bones of transforming a school culture.  The culmination of this process could be described as Fullan’s Six Secrets of Change.

Camera Boys

1.Love your employees

2.Connect Peers with Purpose

3.Building Capacity

4.Learning is the Work

5.Transparency Rules

6.Systems Learn

Review our paper and our Slide Share.

We would like to share our resources, papers and videos with you.

The Journey through video snippets from around the world. 

Yong speaking aboug Global Learners.

Yong Zhao Video

Welcome back video.

Yong Zhao Video

The journey process through Slideshare.

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