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“First things, First”… How do we build a World Class 21st Century School?

The responsibility we have as leaders is to discover our own enlivening ‘breath’ so that we can awaken and remind those we work with, of theirs. J.Hurley 2011.


Friday 21st Feb, my colleague, Michael Ramsden and I presented at the University of Wollongong Educational Leadership Conference about our ongoing journey of ‘change’ at Ulladulla High School (Ulladulla High Facebook). We appreciated the opportunity to share some of our insights and vignettes for others so that we could encourage dialogue around the challenges of change which reflects a complete  paradigm shift of learning, schools and education if we are truly going to get our students prepared for the 22nd century.

Our Strategic Directions (Our Design Principles) have been developed through collaboration with our community and will be the formulation of our ‘new’ educational picture.

World Class Global Learners- Ulladulla High School

  • Future 21st Century Skills
  • Teachers are World class leaders in learning
  • Real world connections

We encourage you to view our PPT on Slideshare (also other Slide Shares that tell a journey with staff over the last year) and the snippets of video that are own thinking.  Lots of these Vids, have been filmed on my iphone or some low tech device. As I say the best camera is the one that you have with you.

In Addition: See below the Abstract for the Presentation

Please do not hesitate to contact either of us, or our school.

SlideShare from Conference RamsdenLoftsChangeAgents

Conference Handout

Video links to compliment the thinking below.

Proud to tell about our world class school- Ulladulla High School
Proud to tell about our world class school- Ulladulla High School

Yong Zhao and a need for change Video

Students talking about their Favourite Projects at HTH

An amazing project from High Tech High

Our Year 8 Students collaborating on “expo day” for our local Year 5 students.

Projects are alive at UHS-hairspray

Academic Partner Yong

Lastly, we encourage you to visit the Website of High Tech High, an inspiring school that challenges the notion of Deeper Learning for Students and how we might prepare our students for that ‘world beyond’.

Books stack 3

Abstract: A Model of Planned Change to facilitate 21st Century Global Learning and Learners

If you take any hundred or so books on change, the message all boils down to one word: motivation. If one’s theory of action does not motivate people to put in the effort- individually and collectively- that is necessary to get results, improvement is not possible (Fullan 2006).

In this practical and useful workshop, the presenters will share insights into the change management process at Ulladulla High School, NSW. Change may be seen as just one more thing intruding on the more essential commitments of keeping day-to-day instruction on track, however, the fact remains that principals are frequently effective agents of change. At Ulladulla High School, recently appointed principal Denise Lofts views herself as a definite ‘agent of change’, with a strong desire to encourage a re-evaluation of the educational practices and purposes within the school.

This need to re-evaluate the traditional instructional model is central to Lofts own longer-term change management plans and is also reflected in the new Australian Curriculum documents. Twenty-first century learning does not fit neatly into a curriculum solely organised by learning areas or subjects that reflect the disciplines (ACARA 2012). For example, critical and creative thinking specifies that activities should ‘challenge students to think logically, reason, be open-minded, seek alternatives, tolerate ambiguity, inquire into possibilities, be innovative risk-takers and use their imagination’ (ACARA 2012). After returning from a professional visit to the United States, Lofts views institutions such as High Tech High (H.T.H) in San Diego California as inspiring models for change and she will share such experiences in the workshop.

In addition to this a range of strategies and ideas will be covered including the importance of developing a shared vision, overcoming resistance and gaining commitment.

Denise Lofts, Principal Ulladulla High School

Recently, Mrs Lofts was awarded a 2013 Premier’s Leadership Scholarship.

The $15,000 scholarship will fund a study into “leadership skills and professional practices to foster creative and innovative use of emerging technologies to develop students who are Asian literate and creative entrepreneurial world-class learners”.

She has previously received the Northern Sydney Region Leadership Fellowship 2012-2013 enabling her to undertake a study tour to the United States.

Michael Ramsden, Classroom Teacher, Year Advisor and UOW Masters Student

Before accepting a position at Ulladulla High, Mr Ramsden was a senior executive in the Australian publishing industry. He has combined both his real-world experience and passion for teaching to develop a range of innovative and successful programs at the school.



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