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Keeping a growth mindset on “Taking the Drop”

Dane Colley  to be included in gallery copy

Leadership needs to be about “keeping it real”, personal and relevant. As a lead-in to our 5 week break, our teaching and support staff embraced the concept of GROWTH for setting our goals and then ensuring we had a growth approach to achieving that goal. I believe I had to lead by example. Surfing has become one of my new challenges, being 18 months into the journey, its been the hardest thing I have ever attempted to do (100km non-stop Oxfam Walk a close second). This is my GROWTH plan for ‘Taking the Drop’, a surfing term for ‘riding down a wave’. I am into day 14 of the plan. For those thinking of achieving your resolutions. Goals without a clear ‘real’ plan are meaningless.

  • Goal : What do you need to achieve? 
    • Taking the drop on January 27th
  • Reality: What is happening now?
    • Too Scared, not quick enough to feet, timing all wrong, holding on too long, not looking up, not looking down the line.
  • Options: What could you do?
    • practice popups every day, surf everyday in the holidays, have a coaching private lesson, video action my surfing, concentrate on one area, get some specific, kind, explicit feedback,
  • Will: What will you do?
    • Surf everyday, do 10 popups morning and night, video surfing, book in a private lesson, enlist a critical friend for feedback, join Healthfit Surf Program
  • Tactics: How and when will you do it?
    • Ring Surf School for a private lesson, put in my phone reminders to do popups, put a go pro on my board,
  • Habits: How will you sustain your success?
    • Organise calendar to make room for surf. Reorganize email system to create time, allocate time in diary to practice, record on calendar number of popups. Check each week.

Wishing you the best in achieving your goals for  2015.

Note: This outstanding photogragh is by Dane Colley a Year 10 student at Ulladulla High School. “Best in Show” at our “Who we are” exhibition” at Dunn Lewis, Alley Gallery in November. Awesome work!

2 comments on “Keeping a growth mindset on “Taking the Drop”

  1. Awesome Denise this is a very sound, accountable and structured plan to succeed, you are such and inspiration and I love being part of your surfing crew and journey. Good times to be had on this journey. x

  2. Hi there Denise – I just found you on Twitter and congrats on the recognition from the Commonwealth Bank teachers awards! I love this post – I did some Growth coaching PD last year and really appreciate you sharing this. I’ve taken up boxing over the last year and it is a great challenge for me!

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